Mahjong games

So, tell you a little about the Chinese game Mahjong.

This game increases concentration and it can be played by both the youngest six-year and the older ones. Those who have problems with concentration, will notice that after a while these problems will begin to disappear. I recommend you play it two or three times a day. And it doesn’t matter whether you reach the end of the game or reach the middle. The main thing is that you just play it. In addition, if you really want to distract your child from the computer games that he is constantly busy with, play with him in Mahjong by turns, who will open more pairs.

Well, now for those who are not familiar, I will tell the rules of the game. There are many varieties of this game. Some of them can be found on the site.

Let's sort the most ordinary. You see so-called your pyramids in front of you. The task is that you have to click on identical images in pairs, which are located only along the edges of one of the layers. Since the pictures consist of Chinese characters, for convenience, these pictures have either numbers or English letters, or simply a symbol. In order to remove a pair from the playing field, you should click on two identical symbols in turn. When you click on a symbol, it is highlighted. This suggests that it can be removed. And since it is located on the edge of one of the layers of the pyramid, if there is no illumination, then this symbol cannot be removed at the moment.

In addition, in the game there are two types of characters that look different, but which can also be removed from the playing field in pairs. The first kind is two different little men, the second kind is two different little flowers. They can also be removed in pairs.

The strategy of the game is that you should try to open the pyramid from all ends at the same time. You don’t have to worry about the next move, because if there are no moves, the computer will kindly tell you with a sign that the moves are over. Remember, every move you make gives us a hint that the figure you removed has released the one standing next to it. So pay attention to your last moves.

On this in short everything. I hope you enjoy the Mahjong games on our site and you will find them very interesting.