Battle Royale games

Battle Royale is one of the genres of massively multiplayer online games, combining elements of a survival simulator with the last man standing mode. The Battle Royale confronts a large number of player-controlled characters with a minimum set of equipment on a limited map. Players must search for weapons on the map and kill opponents until there is only one in the game. A characteristic feature of the "royal battle" is the "safe zone" that diminishes as the game progresses: the longer the match lasts, the smaller part of the map remains available to players. The name of the genre itself goes back to the novel "The Royal Battle" of the Japanese writer Kosyun Takami and his film adaptation.

Games in the Battle Royale genre originally appeared as modifications to large-scale online games with pronounced elements of a survival simulator, such as Minecraft or ArmA 2. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, released in 2017, was not the first in the royal battle genre, but It gained tremendous popularity and gave rise to many similar games, forcing observers to talk about the success of this game and the genre as a whole as one of the most important trends in the gaming industry.