Adam And Eve games

Here you can play Adam and Eve games. Welcome!

Their story began a long time ago, it was Adam and Eve who were the first people on earth. Under the circumstances, they were expelled from heaven to hell. But it was a long time ago, we offer you a fun section of games based on quests and funny adventures of primitive people named Adam and Eve.

The main characters will be unusual, instead of clothes they have leaves, hair untidy and even uncombed, and also Adam has a very big beard. The meaning of the games is to find Eva. But not everything is so simple, because in order to find Eve, Adam needs to go through a lot of trials, come up with different methods of escaping from captivity, draw up a plan of action to clear his way from obstacles. And all this for the sake of his beloved Eve, without which he can not live. If you also want to take part in the wonderful adventures of Adam and Eve, then go ahead. To get started, click on one of the games "Adam and Eve" and your adventure will begin right now.

Good luck!