Magic games

Have you been eleven years ago, and have you never knocked on your window, loudly fucking, an owl with a heavy letter in its beak? At the station in your city there is not even the ninth platform - so, there’s simply no place to look for the cherished 9? You did not manage to talk to the snake and enchant your older brother at least a little bit - although there have been many attempts?

Well, apparently, in Hogvards your name was lost in the lists ... But this does not prevent you from becoming a real wizard online! Moreover, like a dangerous weapon, in inept hands such a thing could cause a lot of trouble! It is good that in Hogwarts, young sorcerers and witches are strictly forbidden to use their supernatural abilities outside the school. Not a serious attitude and play magic will not tolerate! If there are wise mentors nearby, they can neutralize or at least partially reduce the terrible consequences of incorrectly pronounced or carelessly executed spells. But what to do if something unforeseen happens in a regular city apartment, where the young wizard arrived for the summer holidays? You do not study in the witch school, but there are certain limitations for you.

You can use the magic properties of your wand only as part of the game about Magic, and in no case should you try to conjure in real life! Not having enough experience, you will surely do something wrong. Therefore, consider that you, just as young Harry Potter, can only be conjured in a specially designated place, okay?

It is not difficult to fulfill this requirement, because Magic games are available online anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a computer with internet connected!