Angry Birds games

Angry Birds games will take you into the world of endless battles of evil birds against their sworn enemies - bad pigs.

These green piglets do not give rest to the birds, they constantly steal their eggs and try to do any dirty tricks. Evil birds are very indignant for the bad offenses of pigs, and therefore mercilessly attack their settlements. In Angry Birds games, you will help birds attack pigs hiding in their homes.

The main goal of the game is to destroy all pigs in the level, spending a minimum number of shots. Aim well and launch the slingshot birds so that they fly straight into the target. Let's take a look at a few of the main birds: The Red bird, the simple, yellow bird, Chuck, has the ability to accelerate, the black bird, the Bomb, does the most damage and other things. To win the pigs, you need to apply each type of bird wisely and in the appropriate situation. For example, a yellow bird punches a tree well, and a blue one - ice, etc. In addition to the classic game, in our section there are many different games with evil birds. In them you will help the birds ride a bike, fish, fight against pigs in space and even organize races.

Also in some games you will be able to mock the pigs, throw them off the bridge, shoot from the machine gun and much more. Choose a game to your taste and have fun with evil birds!