Carmen Sandiego games

Carmen Sandiego is a media franchise that centers around a fictional thief and her escapades. The franchise began as a series of educational computer games in the 1980s and has since expanded to include books, television shows, and more.

The games typically involve players taking on the role of detectives tasked with tracking down Carmen Sandiego and her associates as they steal valuable artifacts and landmarks from around the world. The gameplay often involves a mix of problem-solving, puzzle-solving, and geography skills as players gather clues and follow leads in order to apprehend the thief.

One of the key features of the Carmen Sandiego games is their educational aspect, as players learn about various countries, cultures, and historical events as they progress through the game. The franchise is aimed at kids and young adults, but it has also proven popular with older audiences as well.

Overall, Carmen Sandiego games are known for their engaging stories, charming characters, and educational value, making them a beloved franchise for several generations of players.