Checkers games

Board games have remained popular for over one thousand years. Egypt is home to this game! In Egyptian mythology, it is said that God had once played checkers with the Goddess of the Moon! Online games "Checkers" are very popular among people of all generations. Modern players do not represent life without checkers online. Therefore, especially for true lovers of drafts, on our website all varieties of drafts from all over the world were collected! Only here, after playing all the “Checkers” games, you can safely declare that you have played all possible games with checkers, and therefore you are a true draftsman with the title of international! In online checkers you can play not only with a computer and fully learn its game technique, but also with players from all over the world. This gives online checkers a lot more popularity than, for example, playing them with friends in a narrow and annoying circle. Checkers can also be played with a computer, because at present, artificial intelligence programs embedded in games can bypass the mind of an average person several times. On our site you can play checkers for free for an unlimited amount of time!