Taxi games

Taxi games are a type of simulation video game where the player takes on the role of a taxi driver. The objective is to pick up passengers, drive them to their destination, and earn money for each successful fare.

In these games, players must navigate the city, avoid traffic and obstacles, and complete the journey within a set time limit. The driving experience can range from realistic, with physics simulation and detailed car models, to more arcade-style, with exaggerated physics and simplified controls.

Some taxi games also include missions and challenges, such as delivering a VIP passenger or competing in races, adding variety to the gameplay.

Taxi games often feature an open world environment, allowing players to explore the city and find new fares. The cities in these games can range from fictional to real-life cities, and are often designed to reflect the unique characteristics of each location.

Overall, taxi games offer a fun and exciting way to experience life as a taxi driver and explore the city from behind the wheel.