Tom And Jerry games

Tom is the cat that lives in Big Momma’s house. He loves to run after a little mouse - Jerry, who also lives in the same house, but only in his separate hole. Tom is always chasing Jerry and wants to eat him, because he is like a real cat — he must catch all the mice that live in the house. Tom and Jerry can run one after another at least a whole day, and turn over all the things and furniture in the house.

So that you could also take part in their constant adventures, new and interesting games "Tom and Jerry" were created. In these games you will play with Tom, as well as with Jerry, and help either the cat or the mouse each time. Games "Tom and Jerry" will teach you how to be friends with your enemies, share food that someone lacks, and also that you do not need to quarrel and be offended. You will run around, set traps with Tom, and with Jerry do various dirty tricks, steal cheese from a mousetrap.

It will be a difficult adventure in the games "Tom and Jerry", and real entertainment with a restless cat and a quick mouse. So you can start having fun and get a lot of energy with Tom and Jerry.