Zuma games

Zuma Games refers to arcade and logic games. Because here you can check your attention, dexterity, ability to build moves ahead.

These games were popular back in 2005, but then there was only one version of the game. Since a long time has passed, the game remains popular, only now there are many of its varieties. But the principle does not change! Namely - a combination of the same items and their destruction. Now everyone knows such games as Zuma Deluxe, Indian, Zuma Balls, or toys about the Dolphin or the Bongo monkey. No matter who the main character is: the frog or any other, it is the principle that remains the most important criterion by which the games are divided.

These games conquered everyone, this can not be denied. From the youngest children who are ready to sit at the computer for hours, playing Zuma, to adults who are bored at home or at work. A lot of levels, clarity of the task - this is what attracts people in this seemingly simple, but interesting game.